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Wind turbine Hang off


A resin-free cable hangoff – built on-shore and mounted to the flange and end location within minutes of pulling it through water and  J-tube.

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cable GripS


Unlike other helical terminations, PMI’s Cable Grips™ Stopper-Grips™ are built to hold subsea cables to the full-rated breaking strength.

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Evergrip™ Termination


A full-strength, field installable, and reusable termination for protection against cable fatigue under severe dynamic loading.

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DAM/BLOK™ Splice Kit


This unique splice kit has two compression discs offering three levels of sealing protection for reliable, full-ocean depth pressure.

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Everflex™ BSR


The EVERFLEX bending strain relief can protect a cable through at least a half million cycles -- 9,900% times more than competitor products.

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Dyna hanger II™ 


The tool-free array cable hanger design offers easier installation on deck, faster deployments, and safer high-load seismic towing.

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Industry Focused Experience



PMI is a long-time supplier of cable hardware and value-added services for Oil and Gas Exploration, including ROVs, vessels, work boats, and more.

Offshore Wind


PMI provides proven durable cable hardware that enables the offshore wind energy industry to transmit energy to land.

Wave and Tidal


PMI is part of the quickly growing marine energy market -- ready to create custom and quality solutions that withstand harsh and hazardous environments.



the strength of your Supply Chain 

As we continue to expand in the offshore energy market and prepare for OEEC 2018, our account and technical teams are gearing up for an exchange of ideas with energy leaders in the industry. 

We understand the European Supply Chain continues to face a relentless focus on driving down costs. However, we continue to see competitors charge more for subsea cable hardware and avoid engineering for full-rated breaking strength.

If you are an energy leader, we'd like you to join us in Hall 2 Booth 307 for a discussion on the common questions facing your industry :

  • What do you do when your current supplier's product isn’t performing to your standards?
  • When do you feel it time to find a new supplier?
  • Is your current supplier addressing your pain points?

The PMI team looks to engage in meaningful conversations with energy leaders driving business and innovation in Europe. If you’re not headed to OEEC, we’d still like to answer any of your subsea cable hardware questions. Contact us today.

Or schedule to meet with us at OEEC

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